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What is Silicon-Durbs?

Silicon Durbs is a Durban based community driven non-profit company that is on a mission to change Durban region to be a High Technology entrepreneurship and innovation hub similar to the one in USA at San Francisco Bay Area called Silicon Valley.

Silicon Durbs Organization was privately founded by Durban entrepreneurs due to a lack of Silicon Valley like ecosystem Which transforms industries with technology innovation in the Durban region. The initiative has now been adopted by different stakeholders as their project to impact and change Durban to be an African High Technology entrepreneurship and Innovation hub this includes corporates, EThekwini Municipality and provisional Government, Universities, KZN schools, Investors, Business forums, investors, Media companies and other stakeholders.

Silicon Durbs primary aim is to drive the creation and growth of new high technology commercial innovations from Durban that will solve African and world problems create new jobs and drive new investments to the EThekwini Region.


What Silicon-Durbs is about

Silicon Durban is an initiative that aims to act as a business incubator, a business networking and acceleration hub in Durban. The initiative aims to allow businesses from different industries to collaborate on projects within the community. This includes businesses related to technology, finance, marketing, consulting, education and more. Silicon Durbs currently has two offering.

The community (events and ecosystem) and Silicon Durbs Precinct. The events aim to engage with the community by having speakers from companies around Durbs and South Africa. Attendees also have the opportunity to network with each other and collaborate on future & current Innovations and where the interaction between Silicon Durbs members takes place. This is where members have the opportunity to discuss ideas with each other.

The precinct environment is where Silicon Durbs aims to connect entrepreneurs with the resources such as incubators, accelerators, investors and co-working spaces to develop and grow their projects and their tech startups. It will also be where investors and local businesses can get the opportunity to engage with each other and the various projects occurring around Durban and within the Silicon Durbs Ecosystem.

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