eco-system partnership package

As an ecosystem partner, you are recognized as a stakeholder to the Silicon Durbs initiative whether you’re an organization or an individual you can be our ecosystem partner. Our partnership with our ecosystem partners is of a free partnership there are no fees involved, but the purpose of our ecosystem partnerships is to advance the Silicon Durbs cause of the Silicon Durbs initiative and that of our partner through the power of collaboration.
If you’re are involved in advancing the tech startup ecosystem cause  in Durban or you want to be involved  let’s have a conversation on how we can collaborate and work together in transforming Durban to be a tech startup hub


  • Silicon Durbs stakeholder
  • Pipeline to your initiative
  • The potential of serving on Silicon Durbs structures
  • Brand exposure
  • Influence on the direction of the initiative
  • Impactive and changing lives with Silicon Durbs
  • No fees involved, let's connect today!