Programme 5


Program Starts:: 20 JANUARY 2020


Educational technology is the use of both physical hardware, software, and educational theoretic
to facilitate learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate
technological processes and resources

Edu tech
Starting and setting up tech start-up processes is a task if you do not know where and
how to start, Silicon Durbs tech start-up program will set you on the action journey of
starting, launching and leading a Edu tech start-up; you’ll have access to our research
and reports on the latest business opportunities that are presented by Edu tech. Once
you have joined the program you’ll have access to Silicon Durbs ecosystem of partners
Which Will make your journey as an tech entrepreneur and tech start-up founder more
productive and successful in a short space of time.
Our ecosystem partners Who Will assist your start-up at the development and growth
stage are: Business incubators, co-Working spaces, corporate business, universities and
their resource, colleges and their resources, professionals, academia’s, investors,
business leaders, communities and community leaders, government organizations and
government departments etc.
Who should take our program? – Anyone with 100% commitment on being a tech
entrepreneur and a burning desire


New tech start-up driven by Edu technology with a solid a market fit prototype to proof of

the programme covers:

  • Tech Business Idea Generation
  • Fundamentals of Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Problem solution fit
  • Product Design
  • Product market fit
  • Business Modelling
  • Building The Team
  • Marketing
  • Pitching
  • Raising investment
  • Leadership skills
  • 12 Months Silicon Durbs Membership.

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10 startups

Pitching Day